How to Fix Bluetooth Missing From Device Manager in Windows 11

How to Fix Bluetooth Missing From Device Manager in Windows 11:

Have you discovered Bluetooth missing from device manager in Windows 11? Check out our guide as we look at the common fixes for this problem.


1. Deactivate Airplane Mode:

Finding that you have Bluetooth missing from Device Manager in Windows 11 may make you want to return to the older OS.

Before you give up on Microsoft’s new operating system, follow this simple solution to fix Bluetooth problems on Windows 11.

  • Click on the volume button on the taskbar.
  • Next, click on the Airplane Mode icon to enable this feature.
  • Wait for 10 seconds and disable Airplane Mode again.
  • Open the Device Manager by using the shortcut Windows Key + X, then type M. Alternatively, open the Device Manager by searching for it on the Windows search bar.
  • Check to see if the Bluetooth icon displays. If not, continue to the next resolution.

2. Reveal Hidden Bluetooth Icon:

A simple Bluetooth fix for Windows 11 is to make sure it’s not hidden from view.

  • Open Device Manager using the instructions above. Click on View on the top menu and click on Show Hidden Devices. Check to see if this fixes the problem.
  • Bluetooth not working still? Move onto option number three.

3. The Fix All Solution for Windows:

Like in the fictional world of the IT Crowd the most common cure for most Windows 11 issues is to switch it off and on again.

Sometimes Windows gets confused about all of the different applications and devices that it manages. By rebooting, you effectively clear those issues and start with a clean slate.

Quora members have their own theories on this fix-all solution but it can rectify most glitches. That includes Bluetooth problems in Windows 11.

4. Restart Service for Bluetooth Missing From Device Manager:

The Bluetooth Support Service is an app tasked with managing all connected Bluetooth devices. It should start when Windows 11 boots but if it doesn’t it can impact the Device Manager.

Follow the steps below to restart the service:

  • Press Windows Key + R
  • Type services.msc and press OK
  • Scroll to the Bluetooth Support Service option
  • Right-click and click Restart
  • Check the Device Manager to turn on Bluetooth in Windows 11 again. If it still doesn’t appear then try the following solution.
5. Reinstall USB Drivers:
If you use a USB Bluetooth device then you might have to reinstall the USB driver.

Open the Device Manager and scroll to Universal Serial Bus Controllers and expand the menu. Look for USB 3.0 extensible Host Controller options amongst the list. There might be several.

  • Right-click these drivers and choose to uninstall them.
  • Confirm your choice then right-click your computer name at the very top of the screen. Select Scan for Hardware Changes.
  • Wait for Windows to reinstall the latest drivers for your Bluetooth device. Please note, that you need to be connected to the Internet. If everything goes well you’ll discover that the Bluetooth icon has reappeared!
6. Reinsert Bluetooth Adapter:
Bluetooth missing from Device Manager and you use an adapter or dongle? It’s time to roll up your sleeves because this solution is quite technical.

Or perhaps not because all you have to do is to remove your device and then slot it back in again!

Just like rebooting, Windows recognizes hardware as if it’s new by simply giving it a nudge. Also, try using a different USB port connected to your computer and not a monitor, for example.


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