How to Fix a Firefox Connection was Reset Error

The Connection Was Reset: How to Fix a Firefox Connection Reset Error

Do you need some help with the connection was reset error on Firefox? Take a moment to read about how to solve the issue here.


Internet Troubleshooting: The Connection Was Reset :

Mozilla Firefox displays the error message “the connection was reset” when it cannot connect to a webpage or server. Mozilla Firefox’s cache saves data from websites, which lets it load that website for you faster in the future.

A website may also utilize cookies. Cookies store a user’s data or preferences regarding a specific website.

Both cookies and the browser’s cache can cause the “connection was reset” error. Other possible causes include:

  • Proxies
  • VPNs
  • Antivirus software

There are a few key ways to start troubleshooting errors in Mozilla Firefox. Here are some options to tackle connection reset issues.

Option 1: Clear Cache:

The most straightforward “connection was reset” fix is to clear your browser’s cache.

  • To do this, first go to the menu bar, or the menu button. The menu button—a “hamburger menu”— should be in the upper right-hand corner. If you don’t see the menu bar, you may have to restore it.
  • Then, open the drop-down menu. Click “Option.”



  • From there, click “Privacy and Security.” This is located in the left-hand side menu. In “Privacy and Security,” find the “Cookies and Data” section.




  • In the “Cookies and Data” section, click “Clear Data.” Then, check the box to mark “Cached Web History.” Click the “OK” button.



Option 2: Clear Cache, Cookies, and History:

  • In the Mozilla Firefox browser, click on the “hamburger menu.” This is in the upper-right-hand corner. From the menu panel, select “History.”



  • Then, click “Clear Recent History.” Click the button next to “Time range to clear” to open a drop-down menu. Choose the option “Everything” from that menu.


  • Check the “Cookies,” “Cache” and “Browsing & Download History” boxes. Then, click the “OK” button. This will clear all three.


Option 3: Disable VPN, Proxy Server:

A proxy or VPN may refuse to carry information packets to the correct destination. This disrupts your connection.

  • To disable your VPN or proxy, first launch the control program. To do this, find the run dialog box and use the “appwiz.cpl” keyword.
  • From there, open the “Program and Features” menu. It may be simply titled “Programs.”
  • Within this menu, find the VPN you’re currently running. Click it. Then, click “Uninstall.”
  • To disable a proxy server, open the Run dialog box again. Input the keyword “ms-settings:network-proxy.”
  • This will redirect you to the “Proxy Settings” page.
  • Find “Manual Proxy Setup.” Look at the right-hand side menu. Find “Use a proxy server” on that menu.
  • There will be a toggle next to “Use a proxy server.” Switch that toggle to “off.”

After you’ve disabled or uninstalled all VPNs and proxies, restart your computer.

Option 4: Turn Off Protocol Filtering (TCP):

  • Third-party antivirus software can disrupt your connection with TCP protocol filtering. This is largely a problem with the ESET Antivirus software. Launch the antivirus software, then click “Advanced.”
  • In the “Advanced” section, find “Web and Email” in the left menu bar. Click “Web and Email.”
  • Then, find and select the “Protocol Filtering” option. Find “Enable application protocol content filtering.” You might have to expand the “Protocol Filtering” menu by clicking the plus sign in order to find this term.
  • Disable “Enable application protocol content filtering” by switching the toggle to “off.” Or, click the “Disable” button, and then click the “OK” button.
Option 5: Switch to a Different Network:

If all else fails, try to switch to a different network. Connect to a different Wi-Fi or local area network. For more on switching between networks, read this Mozilla Support article.

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