How to Enable Dark Mode in Notepad on Windows 11

How to Enable Dark Mode in Notepad on Windows 11:

A lot of people feel that the default color scheme for Notepad is too bright. Click here to learn how to turn on dark mode in Notepad for Windows 11.


1. Make Sure You’ve Got The Latest Version:

Only the newest version of Notepad allows you to enable dark mode, so let’s start by making sure you have that installed.

On Windows 11, select the Microsoft Store shortcut. Once you’re there, search for Notepad. If you see an option to Update, click the update button to install the newest version of Notepad.

If you don’t, you’ve already got the latest version installed.

2. Open Notepad:

To start, you need to open Notepad. Locations may vary but there is usually a shortcut in the Windows start menu. Navigate to the bottom-left corner, open the Start Menu, and scroll down until you find Notepad.

  • Once you’ve found the shortcut, open the program.
  • You can also use the ‘Windows’ button + R combination to launch a Run dialog box.
  • Enter notepad in the dialog box and then hit Enter.

3. Find Settings:

Once you’ve got Notepad open, you’re going to navigate to the Settings menu. The Gear icon in the top-right corner will open Settings.

In the Settings section, you’ll find an area labeled App Theme. Open that option and you’ll be presented with options to change the theme.

You’ll be given options for Light Theme, Dark Theme, or to use the system settings. Select Dark Theme to enable Dark Mode for Notepad.

4. Use Dark Mode for Windows 11:

If you’re a fan of Dark Mode and plan on using it extensively in Windows 11, you can simply change the theme for the entire operating system.

Windows 11 allows you to enable dark mode as a setting. All you have to do is right-click on any free spot on your desktop. Then scroll down until you find Personalization.

Once you’ve opened the Personalization setting, scroll down until you find the section for Dark Mode. This enables Dark Mode system-wide.

Notepad will automatically detect the system setting and enable Dark Mode without you having to do anything.

Benefits of Dark Mode:

Aesthetics are just one reason why you might want to enable Dark Mode for Notepad. The Light Theme is much brighter, for one thing, so it’s more likely to keep you awake at night if you’re using Notepad in bed.

Dark Mode also reduces the amount of blue light emitted. The blue light frequency band is the main light spectrum that will keep you awake at night, for one thing. It’s also harder on your eyes.

If you’re wanting to reduce eye strain switching to a Dark Theme is a good idea. It will also help reduce dry eyes. Anyone who spends a lot of time looking at screens would be advised to look into installing a Dark Theme

Dark Mode is also less of a drain on your battery life. If you’re trying to optimize your system for Power Saving, you should definitely look into enabling Dark Mode.

Whether it’s a style preference or just to be easier on your eyes, updating Notepad for dark mode will make your experience exponentially more enjoyable. You’ll be far more inspired to open up Notepad when you need to capture or organize your thoughts.

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