11 Ways to fix “This App Can’t Run on your PC in Windows 11”

This App Can’t Run on your PC in Windows 11 :

You also face the error “This App Can’t Run on your PC” in Windows 11 many times while opening the apps on Windows 11 PC/ system . Sometimes you’re are lucky enough that were able to solve the this issue by doing simple troubleshooting steps. However, if this step won’t work to resolve the problem.

For you we have made the guide for your problem. So, without further ado let’s get started.

We are sure that by following below mentioned steps you will get the resolution of your problem.

   1. Restart The System:

Restating of the PC solves many of the problems . So, try to restart the system and once.

   2. Check for the Latest Updated Version:

Check for the latest version of the app. So, check the latest update of the particular app which is creating error.

   3. Check The version of the App:

Downloading the app without checking the specification or the properties of the app, it might be incompatible with your PC.

Let’s say if your system supports 64-bit version of Windows 11 then app compatible with 32-bit cannot work.

So, before downloading the app, first you need to check the specifications of your PC.

  • Press Window+I which opens the setting of the PC.



  • Select System.



  • Click About from the left Menu.

The Device specifications section will give you all the information of your system including the windows which is installed in system. So, check the version and download the particular version of app.

   4. Launch your app with the administrative Rights:

Sometimes an application lack some particular permission . So, while opening the app it displays “This App Can’t Run on your PC in Windows 11” error . So, you need to open the particular app with the administrator rights. Following are the steps to open the app.

  • Right click on the app’s shortcut icon, select “Run as administrator“, from the context Menu.


  • Click on “Yes” when the User Account Control (UAC) dialog box appears.




If the application runs through the administrative rights then you can configure that particular app with the Admin rights:

  • Right click on the application shortcut.



  • Click on properties.




  • Under the compatibility tab, check the “Run this Program as an Administrator” from the checkbox.



  • Click on Apply.

   5.Enable the Developer Mode:

If running the app with the administrative rights still you get this error “This App Can’t Run on your PC in Windows 11” then you can use the app by enabling the developer mode.

Enabling the developer mode in Windows 11, it allows you to run any app from any sources. It signifies that the particular app is not from Microsoft Store.

  • Right click on Start icon .


  • Select Settings from the list .


  • Go to the System, click on “For Developer”.


  • Enable The toggle next to developer Mode.


Now try to open the application and check it is working fine

   6.Try to Run the Compatibility Troubleshooting:

If still while launching the app it triggers “This App Can’t Run on your PC in Windows 11” one of the reason is that your app is too old. In Windows it comes with the compatibility mechanism which allows to run the app with the older Windows Version.

  • Right click on the app, select the Properties option.


  • Under the compatibility tab, click on the “Run Compatibility Troubleshooter“.



  • Select try recommended settings.


  • Click on the “Test the program to launch your app in compatibility Mode“.
  • If the app opens, click ‘Yes‘ save the settings for this program.
  • If not click  No, try again using different settings” to run troubleshooting again.

   7. Make a copy of Executable file in new Location:

Sometimes there is some issue with the location. So, take a copy of same executable file in new location and then try to run the application.

   8. Scanning Corrupt System Files:

Sometimes corrupt System Files cause the error “This” while opening the application in your system:

  • Press Windows+X to open power User menu.


  • Select Terminal(Admin) from the list.


  • Select “Yes” when User Account Control (UAC) dialog box.
  • Type the below mentioned command in console and enter 

                   SFC /scannow

  • After the completion of SFC Scan, execute the following below mentioned command and hit enter.

                 DISM /online  /Cleanup-Image  /checkHealth

                 DISM /online  /Cleanup-Image  /ScanHealth

                DISM /online  /Cleanup-Image  /RestoreHealth

Once the DISM scan completed, after the restart the system. Try to open the app now.

   9.Scan for Virus:

A virus can stop the execution of program even though everything is fine and proper. So, check for the viruses:

  • Press Windows button.
  • Click on Setting Menu.


  • Navigate to Privacy & Security.


  • Navigate to Virus & Threat Protection.



  • After Click to Virus & Protection click on Quick Scan and wait for the scan completion.
  • This will give the idea of viruses and malwares.

   10.Use Disk Cleanup Tool:

Sometimes junk files creates a problem. So, use the Disk Cleanup Tool to remove the junk files.

  • Click on the Start menu.
  • Search for the Disk CleanUp and select “Run as Administrator“.



  • Select the files which you want to remove.



  • Click OK to the start the process.

   11.Reinstall The App:

If above steps didn’t work and still you get the error “This App Can’t Run on your PC in Windows 11 ” then try to reinstall the app.

  • Press Windows+R to run dialog box.


  • type appwiz.cpl in the box and enter.
  • Select the particular app which is causing issue and click the Uninstall button at the top.



  • Follow the on screen prompt to remove the app from the computer.

Final Words:

Hope you get the resolution for your problem “This App Can’t Run on your PC in Windows 11” and your app issue solved.

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