3 Ways to Stop Microsoft Edge from Opening PDFs on Windows 10

3 Ways to Stop Microsoft Edge from Opening PDFs on Windows 10:

Do you want to stop Microsoft Edge from opening PDFs on your computer but don’t know where to start? Start here and learn more.

When you access a computer system for the first time, there are a number of default settings already in place. For example, a default application is used for opening files.

Microsoft Edge is usually the default application for opening PDFs on Windows 10. However, there are a few ways you can prevent this from happening.

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1. Change the Default App Through Computer Settings:

If you want to stop your computer from opening PDF files using Microsoft Edge, one method is to change this setting directly through your computer.

This method involves opening the Windows settings app from the Main Menu:

  • Use the Home menu to search for the ‘Settings’ menu
  • Scroll down to the ‘Apps’ option and then select ‘Default Apps’
  • As you scroll down through the options, choose ‘default apps by file type’
  • Find ‘pdf’ (you can also type ‘pdf’ in the search bar)
  • If you have this default setting, you will see Microsoft Edge listed as the default app.
  • Click this to switch the default application.

2. Change the Default App Directly From the File Location:

This next method goes through the application itself, rather than through the Windows settings.

This method is much quicker, and is a great option for opening files every once in a while:

  • If you have a PDF file downloaded to your computer, you can switch methods of opening it by right-clicking on the file.
  • You will see a menu open up that includes the option to “Open with”
  • Then you will see a list of other applications that can be used to open PDF files.

It’s important to note here that other applications may not be compatible with a PDF and might open in a different format.

3. Microsoft Edge Settings:

There is the option to change the default app from Microsoft Edge to another directly through the web browser itself.

This is a good method to choose if you either don’t use Microsoft Edge at all or if you want to completely stop it from opening PDFs going forward:

  • Open the Microsoft Edge application or browser
  • You can open Edge settings by clicking the three dots to the top-right of the screen
  • Options will appear to update different settings – here you will want to select Site Permissions
  • Find PDF documents and you will see an option to switch ‘On’ the option “Always open PDF files externally.”

Easily Switch Default Settings
The three methods listed above are great options for anybody using Windows 10. If you no longer want Microsoft Edge opening PDFs, you can change this default setting. Whether you want this done immediately, or you have a bit more time, you can open files individually or change how all your future PDFs open.

It doesn’t take too much time or effort to change the default methods when using Microsoft products. Users can also use similar methods to change other settings throughout these applications.

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