11 Ways to Fix the Microsoft “Your Phone App Not Working” Error

11 Ways to Fix the Microsoft “Your Phone App Not Working” Error:

Are you wondering how you can fix the common “Your Phone App Not Working” error? Keep reading and learn more about it here.


1. Windows Store App Troubleshooter:

One way to fix the “Your Phone Not Working” error is to use the Win + I keys to open the Windows settings app head to Updates and Security under Troubleshoot. There, look for the Windows Store Apps entry and run it. Follow the prompts and it’ll take care of many common problems.

2. Check Background Permissions:

Use Win + I to open Settings, then head to Apps, then Apps and Features. Open the Your Phone App and choose Advanced Settings. There, under Background Apps Permissions, change that from Power Optimized to Always.

3. Unlink and Relink Your Phone:
Open up your Phone App and open up the Settings from the bottom left of the app. Go to My Devices and click on the three dots on the device you want to unlink and click on Remove. Then you can relink your phone.
4. Reset Your Phone App:
When your Microsoft app gives you problems, you can reset the app by using Win + I to open Setting and then heading over to Apps, then Apps and Features. Open the entry for Your Phone and select Advanced Options. Under the Reset section, you can click the Reset button and that should get your phone app going again.

5. Uninstall and Reinstall the Your Phone App:

To uninstall the Your Phone app, head to Settings, Apps, then Apps and Features and then find your App’s entry. Once you do, click the vertical dots and select Uninstall. Follow the prompts, if any to uninstall.

To reinstall you simply go back to the app’s entry in the Windows Store App. Click install and then wait. Sometimes giving an app a fresh install can make all the difference.

6. Reset the Android Phone Cache:

On your phone, head to Settings, Apps, Your Phone Companion. Tap on Force Stop, then tap on Storage, and then tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data. You can even reinstall the app from here if you need to.

7. Turn Off Battery Optimization:

Head over to your phone’s Settings and go to Battery, Battery Optimization. In that list, find the Your Phone app and tap on it. Then select Don’t Optimize to turn off Battery Optimization

8. Enable Your Phone’s Notifications For The App:

Back in your phone’s Settings, head to Apps and Notifications. Tap Notification and find your app. Make sure notifications for the app are turned on.

9. Turn off Do Not Disturb For Both PC & Phone:

To turn off Do Not Disturb on your PC, use the Start Menu and open Focus Assist. On the Focus Assist page, just set it to off and you are set. For Android, head to Settings, then go to Notifications.

Under Notifications, tap Do Not Disturb. On that page, tap Turn Off Now. Then check to see if the phone app not working error is solved.

10. Turn Off Background Restrictions:

Use Win + I to head to Settings again and then select Apps, Apps and Features. Find the Your Phone app and click the overflow icon and select Advanced Options. Then, under Background App Permissions you want to select Always.

11. Enable Sharing Across Your Devices:

To make sure your PC can share to your phone, head over to Settings with Win + I and head back to Apps, Apps and Features. Open the Share Across Devices section and make sure it’s set to My Devices Only. If it’s already selected, select Off, then reselect My Devices Only.

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